A 40 page humor/sci-fi graphic novel, set in the bizarro world of the not-distant future


Here’s a little promo.

100 years ago, a visit from a friendly alien race opened Earth to a membership with the planetary alliance, provided that they unite into a single government. In doing so, the government took control of the Moon and shut down all private lunar enterprises.

Today is the day when the Earth (now headed by the Party for Global Humanity) finally decides how to use their last untapped resource: In a fabulous set of televised presentations at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, officially known as Moon Mania. Each global monopoly will pitch their plan to use the Moon in front of a live audience for their chance to partner the government and control the use of the Moon.

In the upset of the century, Global Parking partners with the Corrections Corporation of Earth. The plan? Convert all the correctional land into cost effective surface lots and ship the inmates to the Moon instead.

Cid Lorette, the Moon Mania NASA representative, finds himself posing as a mad scientist in a last ditch attempt to get to the Moon before the Earth runs out of the ores to make rocket fuel and his dreams are crushed forever.